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Hair and Make up - Top Ten Pre-Wedding Day Tips

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Hair and Make up - Top Ten Pre-Wedding Day Tips

Wedding Hair and Make up tips

Preparing your perfect look on your Wedding Day often starts months before the big day itself. Often for Brides it can be the first time they employ the services of a Hair and Make up Artist, and this can be quite a daunting task, full on uncertainties about how you want to look on your big day, what you can do to help prepare yourself and what styles will accentuate your features and make you feel and look beautiful on your Wedding Day. This is exactly what Hair and Make up Artists are here for – to provide good, sound advice based on their experience of working with many Brides, and to make sure that you look your best on your big day.


You want your Wedding Day to be as fun and as stress-free as possible; and avoiding unnecessary problems is easy with the correct preparation.

Your Wedding Day is not a day for experimenting with your hair or make up, and so many Hair and Make up Artists (including myself) insist on a Trial Day in advance of your Wedding Day. A Wedding Trial provides the perfect opportunity to experiment with different styles, looks, and colours and really refine the perfect look for you on your Wedding Day, and so all that needs to be done on the morning of your Wedding Day is to sit back (maybe sip some champagne) and be reassured that your Hair and Make up Artist is going to make you look beautiful and last all day long!

To help you learn from my experience I have listed ten of my top pieces of advice, which should help avoid some of the mistakes I have seen made over my ten years of working with Brides. In no particular order, here they are - I hope you find them useful;


1. Fake Tan

If you are planning to apply fake tan, or to have a spray tan before your Wedding Day it is a good idea to have it applied before your Wedding Trial too. All too often I work with my Brides to create the perfect look on their Trial Day, only to find their skin shade is completely different on their Wedding Day.


2. Bring a Camera

Having camera handy on your Trial Day is a great idea as it allows you to take a picture of your finished look, and you than can look back at it in the weeks and days that follow. Remember the camera never lies and you want to look your best on camera on the big day!


3. Choosing the Correct Style

Bear in mind that your Wedding pictures will stay with you for life. You don’t want to look back at them in ten years time and think ‘who is that in those pictures?’. Be yourself, accentuate the features that you have and rather than creating a completely new look for yourself on your Wedding Day, just add some Glamour to your usual look.


4. Eyebrows

I always recommend to my Brides that they consider having their eyebrows waxed, threaded or plucked at least a few days before their Wedding Day. Your brows can make a huge difference to your appearance, adding strength and definition to your face.


5. The Great British Summer

If happens to be a hot sunny day, check that your foundation has an SPF. If it doesn’t it might be a good idea to put some sun protection under your make up.No one wants to see a red blotchy bride!


6. Hair Pieces

If you are having a hair piece with your Wedding hair style, make sure it exactly matches the colour of your own hair. If you are having your hair coloured before your Wedding Day, remember to take your hair piece along with you and ask your Hairdresser to colour your hair piece as well.


7. Skin Types

For those of you that have sensitive skin, it is always a good idea to ask your make up artist to perform a skin test before applying the make up to your face. It is likely that your Make up Artist may be using a brand of Make up that you have not tried on your skin before and the last thing you want is for the skin on your face to react to your make up on your Wedding Day. This is one of the reasons I insist on a Trial.


8. Choose your Dress before your Wedding Hair and Make up Trial

It is a good idea to have at least chosen your dress before you have a Wedding Trial. The neckline of your dress can define the type of hairstyle that you have on your Wedding Day.


9. Keep Topped Up

Your Make up should last all day, and all night! The only thing you should need to top up after your Make up Artist has left is your lipstick, so make sure you know which shade of lipstick your Make up Artist is going to apply and get one for yourself so you can keep topped up all day!


10. No Crew-Necked Tops on your Wedding Day

When your Hair and Make up Artist arrives on the morning of your Wedding, make sure you and your Bridal Party are wearing zip-up / button-up tops or bathrobes. You don’t want to find after your Hair and Make up has been styled that you are wearing a piece of clothing that will smudge your make up or ruin your hair as you take it off!

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Where are you based? What areas do you cover?

I live in Bowness on Windermere, Lake District, Cumbria, and work with Brides in and around the Lake District, Cumbria, and the surrounding counties in the North West of England including Lancashire, Cheshire and Merseyside. I am willing to travel further afield than this, to other parts of the country, and internationally, although additional travel costs (and accommodation if necessary) will have to be included in my charges.

What is the maximum number of Hair you can take on?

This depends on a number of factors, including the time of day you are getting married, and what services you and your Wedding Party requires. I do have a number of local and reputable freelance Hair and Make up Artists that I regularly work alongside that i can bring along to help with larger Wedding Parties when necessary, but I cannot guarantee their availability - please email me for more details.

Is the trial necessary?

The trial is necessary, as it allows us to try different styles and fashions to perfect your look for your big day, and it takes a lot of the stress (for you and me) out of the wedding morning, where you really want to be relaxing as much as possible. In certain circumstances I am willing to go ahead without a trial, but we must allow additional time on the wedding morning for a consultation.

Where does the trial usually take place?

The Trial will take place in my Salon which is within The Snug which is within the Health Club and Spa at the Low Wood Bay Resort and Spa, Ambleside Road, Windermere, Cumbria, LA23 1LP.

How long does the trial usually last?

I would usually allow two hours for the Wedding Hair trial - this will give us plenty of time to try out different styles to make sure we have got the right look for your wedding day.

What happens if there is bad weather on the day and you cannot make it to our wedding location?

So far in my professional career as a mobile Wedding Hair and Make up artist this situation has never occurred. In all cases I will try my hardest to safely get to your wedding location, and I will be in contact with you at all times should any problems occur.

When is the best time to have a trial?

Usually I recommend that we have the trial approximately 6-8 weeks before your wedding day, and after you have chosen your dress and any hair / beauty accessories you intend to wear on the day.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

If you decide to cancel your booking then you must notify Katie Dale in writing as soon as possible. Any monies already paid at the time of cancellation will be non-refundable.

If written notice of cancellation is received 2 weeks or more in advance of your wedding day then no further payment is due. If cancellation is received within 2 weeks of your wedding day then full payment is due (for all services included in our agreed quotation). The only exception to this is if I manage to book an alternative client for your wedding day - I will make every effort to fill the time slot.

How far will you Travel? What are your Travel Costs?

For the price I have quoted, I am willing to travel 25 miles from my base location in the North West of England. Mileage is charged at £0.50 per mile thereafter. Please contact me for details.

What are your Payment Terms?

A £50 deposit is required to secure the booking. This deposit is non-refundable but fully redeemable against the balance. Payment for the trial day, less any deposit already paid, is required on the day of the trial. Full payment for the wedding day can be made following the trial day or on the day of the wedding

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